Here’s a quick round-up of the press some of my projects (an ad I wrote and directed and two features I edited) have picked up in the past month:

      The NBC affiliate in DFW ran a

“Spin Check”

      on our Bill White ad

Campaign Promises

      and found it to be (mostly) truthful- though I would debate the semantics on number 3. Regardless, Rick Perry won the election so I guess it doesn’t really matter…

Scott Meyers’ Ultimate Guide to Flight got a lot of attention before its premiere at the Austin Film Festival including mentions on TwitchFilm, MovieWeb, and ScreenCrave, and a positive review from The Austin Chronicle.

Mark Potts’ S&M Lawn Care was also at the Austin Film Festival and also received a lot of press including positive reviews from Moviefone, Gordon and the Whale, Smells Like Screen Spirit and even some nice words from the folks at Sweet Leaf Iced Tea.

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