After last month’s three sold-out screenings at the Revelation Film Festival in Perth, Australia, Pictures of Superheroes is going to continue its continental tour with a screening at the Sydney Underground Film Festival this September. We’re in great company screening next to new films from Alejandro Jodorowsky, Paul Schrader, and Don Coscarelli. You can see the full line-up here. Also check out some of the great press we’ve already received down-under after the jump.

“Absurd, hilarious and totally irreverent Pictures of Superheroes is one of my favourite comedy films of the year, independent or otherwise.” – Capey, Fruitless Pursuts

“…creates a potent, dreamily off-kilter atmosphere that is enthralling… there is a one of a kind feeling to this film.” – Julian Wright, Reel Review Roundup

“…a weird and wonderful slice of bizarro humour and eccentric characters… impossible to pigeon-hole… plays like a mash-up of mumblecore comedy and Wes Anderson-type eccentricity with a dash of Monty Python.” – Simon Foster, Screen-Space

“Don Swaynos emerges with a fully formed comedic voice… a firm grasp of tone, and plenty of amusing gags under his belt” – Simon Miraudo, Quickflix

“Wearing its quirky heart on its comic loving sleeve, this film offers some of the most oddball characters and plot twists in recent memory, all the while maintaining a refreshingly low-key atmosphere and dead pan delivery.” – Julian Wright, Next Projection

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