JungleTrap_Banner1In 1990 James Bryan (director of the infamous “video nasty” Don’t Go in the Woods) and his collaborator, cult actress/producer/writer Renee Harmon, produced a shot-on-video horror film called Jungle Trap. After production wrapped… nothing happened and the film ended up sitting on a shelf, unedited, for over 2 decades. Fortunately in 2015 the master tapes were rediscovered by the team at Bleeding Skull (Zack Carlson, Annie Choi, and Joseph A. Ziemba), who launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise the money to finish the film. I was brought on as editor while Choi and Ziemba began composing a period-appropriate, synth-heavy score. After months of work (and more than two decades of inactivity) the film is now set to premiere this September at Fantastic Fest (even getting a shout-out from Entertainment Weekly!).

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